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Acrylic Primer Paint

Acrylic Primer Paint


Acrylic resin based, double component, reaction drying primer paint with high UV resistance and chemical resistance, which is cured with aliphatic isocyanate hardener. It has been especially developed for protection of wooden and metal surfaces that require UV resistance in outdoor spaces.

  • Fast drying.
  • High resistance to corrosion.
  • High UV resistance.
  • Excellent performance against impacts, frictions and scratches.

It has very good performance in applications in general industry, by machine manufacturers, for metal protection, for painting of steel constructions and in marine applications. It is applied under the topcoat paint systems to increase resistance of the paint system and give a more glossy appearance to the topcoat.


The entire surface of application must be cleaned. It must be cleaned off of oil, rust and impurities using suitable cleaning agents. The mixture prepared for application must be used and finished within 5-7 hours.

Dilution / Mixing Ratio

Component A: 4 parts

Component B: 1 part

Acrylic Thinner: 15-20%

Paintable (Coverable) Area

 Paints a surface of 9-10 m2/liter in a single coat. (for applications of paint + hardener in film thickness of 30 – 50 µ).

Drying Time


Dust Dry: 15 minutes.

Touch Dry: 60-70 minutes.

Hard Dry: 72 hours.


It must be kept and stored in a cool and dry environment with no direct sunlight. It can be stored in its original packaging for minimum 1 year. Keep the lid closed after using. Protect from frost.


16 kg of Component A + 4 kg of Component B: a Set of 20 Kg

Important Warning

The components must be mixed well. Since the paint cannot be used after the mixture’s useful life expires, mixtures should be prepared in small amounts according to the mixing ratio in order not to reduce the product by wastage. Any surplus paint mixed with hardener should not be poured into the paint not mixed with hardener.