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Paint Dictionary

Standing ability of dry film layer on surface without flaking off, puffing up as thin layers or cracking.Bond is probably the most important feature.Despite wet adherence and wet conditions, adherence to surface ability of dry paint film is generally important for housepaints.


Synthetic polymer which is used in high performance acrylic or water based paints.Acrylic formulas enable coating to resist chemicals and its color to be perminent thanks to light fastness as paint binder does.


Acrylic Resin:
They are resins whose features such as color and brightness strenght, alkaline and oxidation strenght,adhesion and binder strenght and film life are characterized as super and that have elegant place among coating formulas.They form as a result of polimerization of acrylic acids derivates which contain acrylic acid,methacrylic acid, acrylonitrile and its copolymers’ esters.They are known also as acrylate resins.


Acrylic based paint:
(1) Stable dispersion of a polymeric substance in a basically aqua atmosphere.
(2) Dispersion of a plastic or resin in natural or synthetic water is done with synthetic, emulsion polimerization. (The point to pay attention is that acrylic based paint is solid, dissolved in water so it isn’t emulsion.Acrylic based paint and emulsion are used similarly in paint industry.)


 Acrylic based paint:
They are paints made with synthetic bindings such as polyvinyl acetate or acrylic resins and reduced with water.Contrary to oil paint, acrylic based paints dry fast,flow straight and can be cleaned with water easily.High performance acrylic based paints contain 100% acrylic resin.


Acrylic based paint:
They are paints most of whose binder consist of acrylic resin and reduced with water.Other binders added to the paints to add specific features or decrease the cost are styrene, epoxy and polyvinyl acetate.


Acrylic based paint:
In this kind of paints, only acrylic resin is used as binder and they are reduced with water.Generally high class acrylic based paints are used for a lot of architectural coating.100% acrylic based paints have super bond, long-term flexibility, breathing capability, alkali resistance, hardness and brightness resistance.


Although they are used as binder in moderate equipments and marin enamels, they are found in wood paints, inside and outside.



Binder binds pigment pieces to form a regular paint film and it helps paint to adhere to surface.The type and quantity of binder determine most of the performance features of the paint (washability, hardness, adherence and color resistance).The binders preffered in production of quality high performance acrylic based paints are resins like acrylic polymers.


Cane scent: 
It is discoloration that is the result of exposing sunlight.


The degree of resistance against the corrosive environmental effects, espicially bad weather conditions.Resistance has two effects.Protective features keep safe surface from corrosion.Decorative features help its impressive appearance to be permanent.


Dispersion (Suspension):
It is the dissolution of very thin solid particles in a liquid homogeneously.


 Expansion and constriction ability of paint without any change in appearance or damaging.Temperature changes cause expansion and constriction.For example yellow pine particle expands depending on its dimension at different rates.Elasticity is the key of resistance.Acrylic binders stand out with their elasticity.


Dissolution of a chemical substance in a liquid by the help of an emulgator in another chemical substance.


Very low viscosity liquid’s fathoming and going deep inside of a solid surface.Thus, gaps and pores can fill.It forms a good bond for a practise after itself and  increases the resilience of the surface.


Top coat paint which is generally at high brightness degrees but can be also low brightness degrees, for example; matt enamels, and characterized with ability to form straight surface.


Film Formation:
Paint’s ability to form continuous dry film layer.This process  as a result of water’s or salvents’ vaporing and binder pieces’ combining.Continuous dry film pushes the water.


It is cheaper content than titanium dioxide which fills and expands the gaps of pigments.Dilative can’t be used without pigment.Some commonly used dilatives are kaolin, calcite and silica.


Volume Solids:
Division of pigment’s and binder’s volume sum to total volume.It is expressed as percentage(%).High volume solids mean thicker dry film layer,advance hiding power and high resistance.


Spraying Without Air:
The atomization process of paint by using force with high pressure from a hole.It is the effect of solvents’ vaporing and moving forward espicially when the paint is heated before.


Diluter and binder forms the vehicle of paint.They are diluters which are used in water and acrylic based paints, vapor as they dry and enable to paint properly.Diluters of oil paint are turpentine and alcohol (spirit).


Dome-shaped formations and hollows on paint caused generally by heat and moisture.It can also form as a result of solvent’s being trapped in paint film whose surface is drying before solvent evaporate completetly,  


Its existence speeds up the fastness of chemical reaction.Catalyzer functions without being absorbed and forming again in some situations.In other situations it seems like it hasn’t ever reacted before and functions in charge of surface characters.On the other hand, negative catalyzer (inhibitor) slows the chemical reaction.


Texture (Viscosity):
Resistance of paint against flowing.While viscous paint flows slowly, little viscous paint flows fast.


Chemical that causes mold and is a common problem in humid places.


Hiding Power:
Paint’s ability to cover or close the surface, paint applied before or stains on the surface.Pigment of paint performs the covering job.


Straight, round, natural or synthetic, inorganic or organic, insoluable pieces (dust).Beside these pieces dissolve in paint liquid and tinging, they also improve the color’s basic features such as opacity, solidity, resistance and resistance against corosion.This term contains also dilative along with white or colorful pigments.The difference between dust which are pigments and paints is searched generally in the basis of dissolubility.While pigments are insoluble and in substance dissolving materials, paints are dissoluble or as solution found materials. 


Same or different monomers which contain reactive double bond form  different chemical compounds with the help of heat, light or catalysers.This process is named polimerization.If a polymer structure consists of only one type monomer, it is named homopolymer.If it consists of two or more than two different type monomer, it is named copolymer.


PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate):
Rate of pigment volume to total non-volatile matters (for example: pigment and binder).This rate is expressed as percentage (%).


(1) The name given to the large part of natural or synthetic, transparent and soluble products.They can be found in different colors.Synthetic resins having high molecule weight have an impact as polymer.
(2) They are solid, semi solid and fake solids (pseudomer) having uncertain or very high molecule weight, getting addicted to when they are exposed to stress, having softening and melting range and broken conchoidal.
(3) This term is generally used instead of any polymer which is a basic material in coating and plastics.


Color Resistance:
 Paint’s ability of preserving original color and resisting against fading.


Lightening of the paint exposed to heat or temperature.


Paint’s leaving the surface as strips and leaves.Bond lost occurs similar to flaking off.


Flaking off:
Paint’s leaving the surface in pieces as a result of bond or elasticity lost.


Liquid part in paint where pigments dissolve.It consists of combination of binder and thinner.


Friable dust formation on paint film surface caused by impairing effects of air conditions by seperating its binding atmosphere.It can be affected by chalk of paint film, choice of pigment and concentration.Also the choice of binding atmosphere can be effective.


Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) :
It is light white pigment without chalk at high opacity which is used basic pigment in paints,plastics and rubbers.It is obtained from mineral ilmenite or dependant titandioxide mine ore.


Generally white, dissoluable salts accumulate and crust on stone, brick,plaster or mortar surface coating.This is named as effloresce.Salts or free alkalis leaking through moist, mortar or  neighbor cement cause this problem.


VOC (Volatile Organic Content):
Carbon compounds vaporing under standart test results.Basically all paint solvents but water are UOC.Government can restrict the amount of volatile organics in paint  against possible environmental and health effects.


Washing type that enables to remove the dirt from dry paint film without damaging makes our job easier.


Coating’s ability to form a proper paint film without seeing brush mark.Very quality acrylic based paints have quite good levelling ability.
(1) Basically stable dispersion of a polymeric substance in aqua atmosphere.
(2) Dispersion of plastic or resin in synthetic water.Synthetic is done with emulsion polymerization.(The point to pay attention is that acrylic based paint is dissolved solid in water after polymerization so it isn’t emulsion.Acrylic based paint and emulsion are used similarly in painting industry.