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Yalaz Boya
Yalaz Boya
Human Resources

Working In Yalaz Paint

Yalaz Paint knows what to expect from each employee and that each employee will contribute directly to our company to reach its goals by reaching his/her individual goals.Our company which raises its managers within itself undertakes a school mission on that sense.It takes place on the top among the companies where people searching for employment either in his/her own sector or region.

Education and Improvement in Yalaz Paint

Our company’s activities are supported with education programmes.Thus, to the ones working for reaching the targeted results were acquired knowledge and competences.

The employees who’ve just joined us participate to the ‘’Job Training Programm ‘’ on the first day they started to work.This is followed by ‘’Orientation Programm’’ which helps them to adopt the company culture and adapt to the company.In accordance with the company’s aims Annual Education Plans are prepared which is essential for employees to perform better

Yalaz Paint offers opportunities such as diversifying the works of employees, giving additional tasks, inviting employess to rotation programmes.

Job Application

All the job applications for our company is accepted over only ‘’Job Application Form’’ given below.To apply for job the form has to be fill in completely and it has to be stated in which department and position applicants want to take charge in.The same process is valid also for internship applications.

General Required Qualifications in Personel to Hire

  • Being a citizen of Turkish Republic (T.C)
  • Being older than 18
  • Not being deprived of civil rights
  • Even if remitted, being not sentenced because of any crime
  • Not being obliged to employ for a institution or foundation.
  • For men, having completed the active military service or being postponed/exempted
  • Being healthy enough to work anywhere in Turkey

Application Form