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Marine Yacht Varnish

Marine Yacht Varnish


Urethane alkyd resin combination based, glossy yacht varnish with high UV resistance.


  • Protects wood for a long time thanks to the UV absorbents it contains.
  • Resistant to discoloration.
  • Does not change the color of wood.
  • Saves from time and labor.

It is a yacht varnish with superior protective properties and UV resistance, which is used on wooden surfaces of sea vessels and any interior and exterior surfaces.


The surface of application must be cleaned off of any impurities such as oil and blistered residues. Wooden surfaces to be varnished for the first time must be impregnated with Yalaz Wood Protector. The surface is ready for application with a brush. Sandpaper the surface in between the coats and apply 2-3 coats of Yalaz Yacht Varnish one day apart.

Dilution / Mixing Ratio

Dilute with Yalaz Synthetic Thinner by 10%. The product must be stirred well inside its packaging prior to use in order to achieve a homogenous product.

Paintable (Coverable) Area

1 liter of product covers a surface of 10-12 m2 in a single coat depending on the method of application and the surface.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 1.5-2 hours

Dust Dry: 2-4 hours

Hard Dry: 4-6 hours 


It must be kept and stored in a cool and dry environment with no direct sunlight. It can be stored in its original packaging for minimum 1 year. Keep the lid closed after using.


0.75 L / 2.5 L / 12 L