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Exposed Concrete Primer

Exposed Concrete Primer


Acrylic emulsion-based primer paint. It is an exterior wall primer used for increasing surface performance prior to plaster and cement based rendering applications on exposed concrete.

  • Builds a binding bridge between the plaster and the surface.
  • Considerably prevents water and moisture permeance.
  • Increases the durability of plaster. 

It is used on exposed concrete surfaces prior to application of plaster and cement based mortar. It is used as an adherence enhancer on surfaces like exposed concrete walls, columns and ceilings.


Surfaces to be primed with Exposed Concrete Primer must be dry and cleaned off of any dirt, oil and dust. Exposed Concrete Primer is applied in a single coat using a roller. The plaster is applied 6 hours after Exposed Concrete Primer is applied. Please make sure that the temperature of the surface of application and ambient temperature are between minimum +5°C and maximum +30°C during application. Rendering and plaster application must be done in no later than 7 days after applying Exposed Concrete Primer.

Dilution / Mixing Ratio

Diluted with water by maximum 20-25%.

Paintable (Coverable) Area

1 kilogram of primer covers a surface of 3-5 m2 in a single coat depending on the method of application and the surface.

Drying Time

Plaster Application: 6 hours.. 


It can be stored for two years at a temperature of +5°C to +35°C in its original packaging with no direct sunlight. Protect from extremely high temperatures, humidity and frost.


3 kg / 12 kg