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Epoxy Intercoat Paint

Epoxy Intercoat Paint


Epoxy resin based, double component, intercoat primer paint. It is a highly oily primer paint applied on epoxy and shop primer paint. It has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance, adhesion and elasticity.

  • High adhesion ability.
  • Anticorrosive structure.
  • High protection.

It is safely used as anticorrosive on metal surfaces.


It is applied on primed surfaces. The surface of application must be clean and dry. Components I and II are mixed at the specified ratio and left to rest for 5-10 minutes. Then, the mixture is applied in a single coat or two coats using a brush, air or airless sprayer. Wait for 16 hours in between the coats.

Dilution / Mixing Ratio

4 parts of Component I and 1 part of Component II are mixed.

Paintable (Coverable) Area

1 kg of paint covers a surface of 5-6 m2 (a dry film thickness of 40-50 µ).

Drying Time

Dust Dry: 2-2.5 hours

Touch Dry: 6-7 hours

Recoat: 8-24 hours

Full Cure: 7 days.


16 kg of Component A + 4 kg of Component B: a Set of 20 Kg