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Epoxy Anticorrosive Primer Paint

Epoxy Anticorrosive Primer Paint


Double component, reaction drying, epoxy resin based epoxy primer paint with polyamide hardener, high physical and chemical resistance, good adhesion properties, which creates a sturdy foundation for the paints to be applied on top and which contains highly anticorrosive zinc phosphate pigments.

  • High adhesion strength.
  • Serial reaction drying.
  • Excellent corrosion and water resistance.
  • Elastic structure.

It is used as an anticorrosive primer in structural steel manufacturing for underwater and surface steel surfaces, outer surfaces of steel silos and tanks, and any metal surfaces which require high resistance to corrosion.


The surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and cleaned off of any impurities.

New metal surfaces: Oil and grease on the metal surface must be removed using a solvent, detergent or vapor, and high-pressure fresh water should be used to remove salt and other impurities. After the cleaning, it is recommended to rasp the surface for minimum Sa 2½ level according to ISO 8501 standard. Mechanical cleaning at St2 – St3 level may be performed in accordance with ISO 8501 standard depending on the application conditions and environmental conditions. The surface rasped must be primed in no later than 5 hours depending on the environmental conditions. 

Retouching: The surface to be retouched must be clean, dry and cleaned off of any impurities. The retouching must be performed as soon as possible after the cleaning at St 2 level as per ISO 8501 standard. .

Dilution / Mixing Ratio

Component A: 6 parts

Component B: 1 part

Epoxy thinner 15%

Paintable (Coverable) Area

Covers a surface of 6-8 m2/liter in a single coat. (for applications of primer + hardener in a dry film thickness of 50 microns).

Drying Time


Touch Dry: 2-3 hours.

Recoat: 24 hours.

Chemical Dry: 7 days.


GROUP 1: 18 kg of Component A + 3 kg of Component B: a Set of 21 Kg

GROUP 2: 3 kg of Component A + 0.5 kg of Component B: a Set of 3.5 Kg